Chi Combat System the perfect system for health, confidence & self defence.


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Chi Combat System© is not ‘just’ about punching and kicking – this is only one aspect of our programme to help you develop into a successful healthy person now or later adult life.

So what is it we can offer apart from Self Defence, Anti-Abductor Training and effective anti-bullying techniques? Chi Combat System© helps and improves your power of concentration, self control, discipline, more self esteem, have a ‘winning attitude’ for exams (and in life), have a cardiovascular work-out and so promoting health, better behavior at home or in school and get mentally stimulated for ‘positive thinking’


  • No Class Dates

    There will be no classes on the following dates:

    11th November 2017 (SFX College Open Day)
    23rd December 2017 (SFX College Christmas Period)
    30th December 2017 (SFX College Christmas Period)

    Posted: 6th November 2017

  • First Free Lesson

    Book now to qualify for a first free lesson

    Posted: 30th March 2017

  • Venue Confirmed

    Our venue for a new Chi Combat System class in Clapham has been confirmed. Classes will be held every Saturday from 22nd April at 11:30am to 12:30pm

    Posted: 1st March 2017